Reverse the Turnover Curse  Sep 23rd, 2014 
Dave Kreuser has stemmed the tide of turnovers at Zimbrick Acura by making employees, rather than customers, his top priority. 
Help F&I and Showroom Select the 2014 F&Idol Winner  Sep 23rd, 2014 
The magazine made available this morning the voting page for the final round of the IAS-sponsored F&Idol competition. Review the five video entries and vote for the overall winner of the 2014 contest. 
Word of Mouth Still Dominates  Sep 23rd, 2014 
Word of mouth is still the leading source for new business, but a new study says review sites continue to gain ground. 
First Ride in the New Goodyear Blimp! Aaron Robinson on L.A.’s Preeminent Gasbag  Sep 23rd, 2014 
Commander Dave Bowling is a big guy in a small chair as we waft at 31 mph over Los Angeles. Our torpedo-shaped shadow slithers over freeways and swimming pools and glinting piles of junk in the backyards of tiny square houses arrayed in the orderly patterns of some long-ago blueprint for suburban utopia. Somebody spots […] 
2014 Audi S1 First Drive: Think of It Like ScarJo: Tiny and Hot  Sep 23rd, 2014 
A couple of years ago, we got to put the boot to Audi’s 256-hp A1 Quattro, an instant collector’s item of which just 333 units were built. At the time, Audi hinted at wider production, and now that car is on sale in Europe. READ MORE ›› 
2014 Nissan Rogue SV AWD Road Test  Sep 22nd, 2014 
The Nissan Rogue takes on the competitive crossover segment. 
So Funky, So French: Wild Citroën C4 Cactus Airflow 2L Uses Compressed-Air (!) Hybrid Powertrain to Achieve 118 mpg  Sep 22nd, 2014 
How does one polish a cactus? Remove the needles, of course. That’s what Citroën has done with its funky-French C4 Cactus crossover to create the Airflow 2L concept, which makes its aerodynamic, in-the-succulent debut at the 2014 Paris auto show next week. Citroën shaved this Cactus for one reason: Fuel economy. In an automotive sense, a car’s “needles” […] 
R-Designed: 2016 Volvo XC90 Gets the Sporty R-Design Treatment, Still Isn’t On Sale Yet  Sep 22nd, 2014 
Volvo’s all-new 2016 XC90 SUV won’t go on sale until early next year, but already the company is breaking out new variations of the crossover. The first XC90 model to increase add some juice is the R-Design, a variant that ups the SUV’s visual sportiness quotient without bringing any bravado to the driving experience.  The […] 
Plastics Make It Possible: Local Motors’ Crowd-Sourced, 3-D–Printed Strati EV Is Born, Runs  Sep 22nd, 2014 
When last we checked in on the crowd-sourced-design maestros over at Local Motors, the outfit was in the thick of a design competition focused on an all-new, 3-D–printed electric vehicle. A few months later, the winning car has become a thing with a name: Strati. As it had promised, Local Motors packed its manufacturing tooling, […] 
Toyota Developing Radical 3-D Head-Up Display for Production  Sep 22nd, 2014 
Toyota spends $1 million per hour on R&D, and you should be thrilled to hear that not all of it is spent on boring stuff such as squeezing another mile per gallon out of tomorrow’s Prius. One such less-boring innovation is a 3-D head-up display (HUD) being developed—and slated for production—by engineers in Silicon Valley collaborating […] 
Name That Shifter, No. 197  Sep 22nd, 2014 
It’s Monday, and that means it’s time to present this week’s shifter. You’ll have until midday Wednesday to identify the make and model of the vehicle whence this shifter came. The first person to respond correctly in the Backfires section below will win a Save the Manuals button, magnet, and sticker.* Good luck!   (* […] 
French Hypermiling: Ultralight Renault EOLAB Pegged at 235 MPG  Sep 22nd, 2014 
The recently revealed Renault EOLAB concept is providing a glimpse of our ultralight, aerodynamic future with its seemingly hyperbolic fuel-efficiency rating: 100km/liter (translating to 235 mpg on the Euro cycle). It may also be previewing the unbearable lightness of mpg’ing. With its generous use of magnesium, aluminum, and specialty plastics and polymers, the EOLAB enjoys […] 
2015 Toyota Sienna First Drive: The Swagger Wagon Refined  Sep 22nd, 2014 
Freshened inside and out for 2015, the Toyota Sienna minivan is a versatile family vehicle, chockablock with brood-friendly features and refinements. It’s also the only minivan that still offers an all-wheel-drive option. Beyond that, it also embodies Toyota’s bedrock strengths: quality, durability, and reliability. READ MORE ›› 
2015 Toyota Camry First Drive: Fluffed and Buffed—and Improved  Sep 22nd, 2014 
The Toyota Camry is this century’s brightest car star. More than 400,000 were sold in the U.S. last year, a volume topped only by Ford and Chevrolet pickups. This begs the question: Why would Toyota call for a Camry pit stop only halfway to the seventh-generation car’s checkered flag? READ MORE ›› 
2015 Toyota Yaris First Drive: Yes! It’s Still a Car!  Sep 22nd, 2014 
Among the more memorable advertising slogans of recent years—at least to us—was the “It’s a car!” tagline that Toyota attached to its 2012 Yaris, which was initially advertised exclusively online. Here was pure truth in advertising, with absolutely zero overstatement. It should have won an award. READ MORE ›› 
LeMons South Day 1: Supra Leads, Frontenac and Fuego In Many Pieces  Sep 21st, 2014 
After the parade through a once-wholesome South Carolina town and subsequent car inspections on Friday, the racing began on Saturday morning. As the day progressed, we saw a mix of the expected and unexpected; here’s how it went. First, the expected stuff: The one-of-60-built 1960 Ford Frontenac coupe of NSF Racing failed to be ready […] 
LeMons South Carolina Inspections: Ford Frontenac, Renault Fuego, Family Truckster, and a Parade!  Sep 20th, 2014 
We’re back at Carolina Motorsports Park in Kershaw, South Carolina, for the seventh annual 24 Hours of LeMons Fall South race. This is one of our favorite places of all the stops made by the LeMons Traveling Circus each year, and one of the best things about the Fall South race is that the nearby […] 
Ford Offers to License Its Police “Surveillance Mode” Camera Tech to Other Cop-Car Makers  Sep 20th, 2014 
We’ve sat in parking lots, bored, and switched on the backup-camera feed to watch who’s behind us. Now Ford has brought this idea to its logical and safety-oriented conclusion for its Police Interceptor models: If someone walks too close to the rear, the parking sensors beep, the doors lock, and the windows close. Ford calls […] 
2014 Tesla Model S P85 Road Test  Sep 19th, 2014 
Does the Tesla Model S live up to the hype? 
Union Jack–Inspired Land Rover Evoque SW1 Edition Revealed  Sep 19th, 2014 
Never shy about flaunting its British heritage, Land Rover has revealed the limited-edition SW1 Evoque, a variant that pays tribute to Great Britain’s iconic Union Flag. Commonly referred to as the “Union Jack,” the iconic insignia gets a tire-tread treatment to add a unique texture to the usually solid-color graphics. Appearing on the mirror caps […] 
Here’s What Happens When GM Recalls Your Car, Or: Our Long-Term Corvette Stingray Gets Fixed  Sep 19th, 2014 
General Motors’ barrage of recalls this year has covered almost every corner of its model lineup, leaving many drivers frustrated with having to visit their local dealer for repairs. Some of the required fixes are minor, such as the inspection of the shifter linkage that our long-term Cadillac CTS Vsport recently underwent as part of […] 
Going, Going . . . Lotus to Drop Evora From U.S. Market  Sep 19th, 2014 
Following on from Lotus’s announcement of impending job losses, some more bad news for the brand’s dwindling band of followers in the States: We’ve learned that the company’s last street-legal model, the Evora, is going to be withdrawn from sale in the U.S. The news probably doesn’t come as a huge surprise. The 2014 Evora […] 
Lotus Position: Looking More Like Downward Dog  Sep 19th, 2014 
The big surprise about Lotus’s announcement of job losses is that it has taken so long to happen. It’s been more than two years since former Lotus CEO Dany Bahar’s acrimonious split from the company and the axing of his ambitious plans to introduce five entirely new models. Since then things have been eerily quiet […] 
Unleash the Hounds: Cadillac’s Ultra-Luxe Flagship Confirmed for Detroit Production  Sep 19th, 2014 
To be more specific, Cadillac’s forthcoming flagship sedan actually will be assembled in Hamtramck, a city that’s almost completely surrounded by Detroit. The General Motors plant there opened in 1985 assembling Eldorados and Sevilles, so this completes a circle in a way. The facility’s 1600 workers currently screw together Chevrolet Volts, Malibus, and Impalas, as […] 
Ferman Acura of Tampa Discusses Honda's Role in the 2014 Boadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb  Sep 19th, 2014 
Honda participated as both a sponsor and race participant in the event. 
WRC Cars Be Jealous: VW’s 544-hp Beetle GRC Tears It Up in New Video  Sep 18th, 2014 
To get folks stoked for the debut of the Beetle GRC at the Port of Los Angeles Global Rallycross event this weekend, Volkswagen has released a bitchin’ video of the thing in action. With well over 500 horsepower on tap, the Beetle-based machine is one of the most powerful rally cars in the world. Though […] 
From the C/D Archives: BMW 850i Tested!  Sep 18th, 2014 
The editorial belly is having trouble digesting the BMW 850i sports coupe. Maybe it’s the price. Any car costing $90,000 ought to do everything but make coffee—maybe even that too. When it comes from Germany and wears the blue-and-white BMW badge on its hood, you expect it to send your blood pressure off the scale […] 
Top of the World: Trekking $100K Range Rovers Across Colorado’s Treacherous Continental Divide  Sep 18th, 2014 
In 1987, Land Rover introduced Americans to the industry’s first luxury SUV, the Range Rover. Two years later, its cult status etched into upscale burbs across the U.S., the automaker invited its most loyal customers (and a handful of intrepid journalists) to drive a convoy of 1990 Range Rovers across the Continental Divide. As it […] 
The Renault R.S. 01 Is a Damn Stylish, $400K Race Car—with a GT-R Motor  Sep 18th, 2014 
It has a Nissan GT-R engine and a Dallara-built carbon-fiber tub, and—if you have $400,000 sitting around—you can buy one and enter what’s likely to be a spectacular bangs-and-bumps pro-am championship racing series. Meet the Renault R.S. 01. Yes, that’s right, Renault. Despite the brand’s complete irrelevance in North America, France’s second-biggest carmaker still gets […] 
Reunited and It Feels So Good: Owner Gets Stolen Jaguar E-type Back 46 Years Later  Sep 18th, 2014 
Forty-six years after it was stolen in front of his Manhattan apartment building, Ivan Schneider has been reunited with his 1967 Jaguar XK-E. A retired trial lawyer now living in Florida, the former New York resident told the Los Angeles Times that he thought the car was gone forever and went on to collect other […] 
New Cars for 2015: Reviews, Comparisons, Tests, and Model-Change Info  Sep 18th, 2014 
And we’re back! Collected here are the details of each brand’s 2015 model lineup, including reviews and tests of key models, plus a package of technical innovations that will each make their mark on the coming automotive year. In most cases, each brand has been given its own page, all of which are linked below. […] 
Nissan Leaf + Nissan Frontier = The World’s Only Zero-Emissions Leafamino  Sep 18th, 2014 
Here’s some evidence that the engineers at Nissan’s technical center in Stanfield, Arizona, know how to have fun. As shown by the Nissan-supplied video below, that group needed a hauler to help them shuttle stuff around the grounds, and while they could have just used an old Titan or Frontier, they instead chose to build something far, […] 
2014 Nissan Juke NISMO RS Test: Amphibian Butt, Hustling  Sep 18th, 2014 
On this planet since 2010, the Nissan Juke is the poster child for nonconformist new-wave crossovers. The design looks strangely amphibian, or like something you might encounter while scuba diving a deep reef near the Bahamas. Or a thing to be served with drawn butter and a nice side salad. Polarizing, maybe, but guaranteed to […] 
Lease Approvals in August Set New 2014 High, Reports  Sep 18th, 2014 
Strong consumer borrowing fuels rise in lease applicants in August, with approvals reaching 85.7% — besting July’s previous 2014 high of 81%. 
CFPB Holds Auto Finance Hearing Following New Rule Proposal  Sep 18th, 2014 
Following an announcement that it would seek supervisory authority over 38 nonbank auto finance companies, the CFPB held a field hearing on the topic in Indiana this morning. 
TFS Contracts ChannelNet to Increase Customer Loyalty and Retention  Sep 18th, 2014 
The captive finance company selected the digital marketing, sales and service solutions provider to provide web-based customer lifecycle communications. 
2015 Dodge Challenger Hellcat Fuel Economy Released, Report Says Chrysler Dyno’d Car at 825 hp  Sep 18th, 2014 
A full 707 horsepower and 650 lb-ft of torque, a 3.6-second 0-to-60 time, sub-12 second quarters, and a hefty 4488-pound curb weight—any way you look at it, the Dodge Challenger Hellcat is all about staggering numbers. But here’s one number we didn’t see coming: The ‘Cat has earned an EPA highway fuel-economy rating of 22 […] 
2015 Kia Sedona First Drive: Rear Doors Still Slide and Soccer Squads Abide  Sep 18th, 2014 
Kia doesn’t want you to think of its new Sedona as a minivan. Sure, it was a minivan in its previous generation. But now, according to Kia, it’s a “multipurpose vehicle.” It’s interesting, this avoidance of the dreaded minivan label. Yes, the redesigned Sedona is a wee bit more bullish in the nose and slightly […] 
Stop Scoreboard Watching  Sep 18th, 2014 
His Madness says the only person you need to measure yourself against is you. So stop worrying about what others are doing, and start examining your performance numbers. 
Ferman Nissan in Tampa Talks About the Nissan Frontier Diesel  Sep 18th, 2014 
The Nissan Frontier Runner with a turbo Cummins diesel debuted at the 2014 Chicago Auto Show. 
24 Hours of LeMons Northern California: The Winners  Sep 18th, 2014 
What a race! We saw a record-breaking number of teams show up for the car inspections on Friday, what seemed like most of those cars break down during Saturday’s race session, and exciting battles in all three classes on Sunday. Here’s what happened. Two years ago, we listed Cerveza Racing and their 1983 BMW 533i […] 
CFPB Proposes New Oversight of Nonbank Auto Finance Companies  Sep 18th, 2014 
Today, the CFPB announced a proposed rule that would allow it to oversee about 38 nonbank auto finance companies. The bureau also plans to release a new whitepaper which details the methodology it uses to determine the presence of discrimination in auto lending. 
2015 Lincoln Navigator First Drive  Sep 17th, 2014 
Reviving a '90s staple. 
2015 Ford Mustang 2.3L EcoBoost Tested! Less SVO, More American Audi A5  Sep 17th, 2014 
The 2015 Ford Mustang EcoBoost is the answer to a question that was asked during the last oil crisis. Which, if you were born later than 1979, was blessedly over by the time you arrived. In the aftermath, Ford took a whack at the challenge of creating a sporty fuel-sipper with the turbocharged four-cylinder SVO, […] 
Trophy Truck Madness: Recoil 2: The Recoil . . . ing  Sep 17th, 2014 
As if you needed further proof of how obscenely cool Trophy Trucks are, here comes the latest video from Monster Energy driver BJ Baldwin. In “Recoil 2,” Baldwin’s 800-hp Chevrolet Silverado Trophy Truck cuts a swath through Ensenada, Mexico—home of the Baja 1000—as he sets out to get from the mountains outside of town to […] 
Apple Maps for iOS 8 and iPhone 6: Here’s What You Need to Know  Sep 17th, 2014 
Even if you have a factory navigation system, it’s often still faster, easier, and more useful to run a smartphone navigation app (with a mount—stay safe!) for guidance from point A to point B. Apple’s well aware of this fact and so it’s rolling out some features for its upgraded Maps app that will make […] 
Cadillac Chief Says Brand Won’t Go Back to Cut-Rate Pricing Despite Blowback from Some Customers and Dealers  Sep 17th, 2014 
The most recent crop of Cadillacs wear MSRPs commensurate with those of the German competition—as opposed to undercutting them, which was the previous strategy—and brand chief Johan de Nysschen says that’s not going to change despite receiving some complaints from both dealers and customers. In an interview with Automotive News, de Nysschen said Cadillac models […] 
Elon Musk’s Reno 911! : Lt. Jim Dangle (Thomas Lennon) on the Tesla Gigafactory, the Evils of Moon Power, and Rumors Reno 911! Will Return to Netflix  Sep 17th, 2014 
Lieutenant Jim Dangle led Reno Sheriff’s Department on the Comedy Central mockumentary Reno 911!. So when we heard the news that Tesla’s Elon Musk—technophile, playboy, space junkie, automotive executive—had unveiled plans to build his battery-manufacturing Gigafactory smack dab in Dangle’s Washoe County, we contacted the top cop to get his thoughts. (As it turns out, […] 
Bristol Cars Returns From the Dead  Sep 17th, 2014 
Even by the high standards of eccentricity set by Britain’s small sports-car makers, Bristol was always in a class of its own. This is the carmaker that made Morgan look like Mitsubishi. Bristol’s former boss, Tony Crook, refused to let journalists drive its cars for many years on the (possibly reasonable) grounds that they “wouldn’t […] 
2015 Kia Soul EV First Drive: Kia’s Electrified Sensitive Side  Sep 17th, 2014 
Kia calls the Soul a UPV—Urban Passenger Vehicle—a classification that’s particularly apt for the new EV version, the brand’s first zero-emissions offering. With a fully charged battery pack, the car earns an EPA operating range of 93 miles, but that still means sightings of electric Souls beyond city limits will be extremely rare. READ MORE […] 
This Is the World’s Smallest Functional V-12 Engine  Sep 17th, 2014 
You’d never guess it judging by the collection of tiny, intricate works of kinetic art on display in his workshop, but José Manuel Hermo Barreiro, a.k.a. “Patelo,” claims to be a “very impatient person.” A retired naval mechanic, Patelo continues to create after his contemporaries have laid down their tools for the last time, trading […] 
Court Rules Yelp Can Manipulate Business Ratings  Sep 17th, 2014 
This month, the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a lower court’s ruling that dismissed a proposed class-action lawsuit against Yelp. The suit claimed the company extorts advertising dollars from businesses in exchange for good reviews, a practice the federal court said is not illegal. 
Mass. High Court Rules in Favor of Tesla  Sep 17th, 2014 
This week, the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts upheld a lower court’s ruling that dealers did not have grounds to challenge Tesla Motors’ ability to sell vehicles in the state. 
NHTSA Fumbled GM Recall, House Reports  Sep 17th, 2014 
A House committee released a report this week that raised questions about how the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration responded to consumer complaints regarding faulty ignition switches on GM vehicles. 
A Bustle in Your Hedgerow  Sep 17th, 2014 
Da Man lists a few of the hits on the FTC’s latest album, ‘Deceptive Dealer Advertising.’ 
2015 Ford Mustang GT First Drive: THE WAIT IS OVER!  Sep 17th, 2014 
With the new Ford Mustang finally sitting before us, a walkaround is the first order of business. Circling the newest pony, there’s no mistaking it for anything but a Mustang. The all-new 2015 model retains the right proportions, with a long hood, a compact and low greenhouse, and an extremely fast, well, fastback roofline. Strong […] 
This El Camino Version of the New Aston Lagonda Is El Spectacular  Sep 17th, 2014 
Because the best Aston is a two-seat Aston and because the best version of any car is a pickup, X-Tomi Design cooked up this rendering of an El Camino-fied Lagonda sedan. Scheduled to be sold exclusively in the Middle East and cost something like 1 billion moon dollars, the reborn Lagonda four-door will be limited […] 
7th Annual Classic Car Auction Broadcasting From Red Deer Alberta to Electrify Collectors  Sep 17th, 2014 
World renowned collector car auctioneer, Electric Garage Auctions, will be showing over 270 cars up for auction to the highest bidder. 
Nissan Among the Top Global Green Brands for 2014, Notes Ferman Nissan New Port Richey  Sep 17th, 2014 
Ferman Nissan New Port Richey notes that the automaker improved its position on Interbrand's list. 
Jeep Cherokee Named 2014 Northwest Outdoor Activity Vehicle of the Year, Notes Ferman Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram of New Port Richey  Sep 17th, 2014 
The 2014 Jeep Cherokee took home the title of "Northwest Outdoor Activity Vehicle of the Year." 
But Will They Still Wail? Every Future Ferrari Engine to Be Turbocharged or Hybridized  Sep 17th, 2014 
The news that every future Ferrari engine will be juiced by either turbos or electricity comes just days after longtime company chairman Luca di Montezemolo tossed his saddle to Fiat-Chrysler boss Sergio Marchionne. The technologies will be split along engine types, too: Automotive News, after an interview with powertrain director Vittorio Dini, reports that all next-gen Ferrari V-8s will […] 
Dream Cruise: Driving a Brand-New, 50-Year-Old Ford Mustang Down Woodward Avenue  Sep 16th, 2014 
In case you weren’t already aware—and how could you not be?—an all-new Ford Mustang has arrived. Like all long-running nameplates such as 911 or Suburban, questions of whether the new Ford pony car will live up to the ghosts of its past dog the latest model. To acquaint myself with what it is, exactly, that those […] 
The Solution Solution? Report Says Mazda to Use Exhaust Aftertreatment After All for Long-Delayed Diesel  Sep 16th, 2014 
We’ve been eagerly anticipating—and reporting on—Mazda’s U.S.-bound 2.2-liter diesel for many moons. But the engine has been continually delayed, primarily so Mazda could get the drivability right while also avoiding the use of exhaust aftertreatment to meet emissions regulations for its Skyactiv-D mill. When The Truth About Cars reported that Mazda had thrown in the […] 
Grand Jury to Decide Whether Tony Stewart Will Face Charges for Ward, Jr., Incident  Sep 16th, 2014 
Ontario County District Attorney Michael Tantillo has determined that the decision whether to charge Tony Stewart in the August 9 death of fellow driver Kevin Ward, Jr., at Canandaigua Motorsports Park should be left to a grand jury. Tantillo released the following statement: “Over the past several weeks I have reviewed with members of the Ontario […] 
2015 Volkswagen Golf GTE First Drive: Cable-Ready Hot Hatch  Sep 16th, 2014 
Volkswagen Group chief Martin Winterkorn is euphoric. Speaking in front of a group of international journalists in a greenhouse-cum-restaurant in Zürich, he reminds us of his promise that Volkswagen would demonstrate technology leadership in electric mobility. “Today, the mission is accomplished.” Winterkorn is referring to the new Golf GTE, a plug-in hybrid fitted with a […] 
Dat Roar Tho: Listen to the Mercedes-AMG GT Aurally Assault the Bonneville Salt Flats  Sep 16th, 2014 
There aren’t many companies that can do an exhaust like Jaguar right now. The F-type R coupe sounds like someone gave a V-8 a hammer, and it’s using that hammer on the side of your face. Judging by this video, a different car company used a similar design ethos when it came time to craft […] 
2015 Bentley Mulsanne Speed Debuts: It’s What Thanos Would Drive  Sep 16th, 2014 
At Bentley, spending more gets you less. The range-topping Mulsanne sedan costs nearly $100,000 more than the smaller (and yet still enormous) Flying Spur. And yet it has less power, half the driven wheels, fewer engine cylinders, and a lower top speed. This is the deeply irrational way the very top end of the luxury-car […] 
Audi Prepares to Expand TT Lineup with Crossover Variant  Sep 16th, 2014 
For Audi, having two shapely TTs is apparently not enough. In addition to the 2016 TT coupe (which we just drove and found quite impressive) and the forthcoming roadster variant expected to debut at next month’s Paris auto show, a third TT is under development. And it’s likely to be a crossover. What the what? According […] 
Santander to Acquire Canadian Auto Finance Company  Sep 16th, 2014 
Banco Santander has reached an agreement with Carfinco to acquire its Canadian business for $298 million Canadian dollars. Under the agreement, a new company will be formed in which Santander will own approximately 95% of the equity, while top management of Carfinco will retain 5%. 
F&I Goes Retro  Sep 16th, 2014 
The editor has a theory that may explain why some of F&I’s classic closes are making a comeback. 
Preparing for the Meeting  Sep 16th, 2014 
The executive director of the Association of Finance and Insurance Professionals explains why he looks forward to a meeting with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s new assistant director. 
Biweekly Payment Provider Bulks Up Compliance Practices  Sep 16th, 2014 
USEA implements code of ethics and a certification test for its dealership partners. The move comes more than three months after the NADA notified members that the FTC was investigating biweekly payment programs. 
Northwood University, EFG Companies Partner  Sep 16th, 2014 
Under the new partnership, the two organizations will develop specialized continuing education programs, conduct joint industry research, and cross-publish content. 
Court Rules Yelp Can Manipulate Business Ratings  Sep 16th, 2014 
This month, the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a lower court’s ruling that dismissed a proposed class-action lawsuit against Yelp. The suit claimed the company extorts advertising dollars from businesses in exchange for good reviews, a practice the federal court said is not illegal. 
Hudson Cook Adds Former CFPB Enforcement Deputy as Partner  Sep 16th, 2014 
Hudson Cook adds another former CFPB official to its offices in Washington, D.C., in Lucy Morris. She was a founding member of the implementation team that organized the CFPB after passage of the Dodd-Frank Act. 
Bill to Rescind CFPB Auto 'Guidance' Gains Support in Congress  Sep 16th, 2014 
More than 400 dealers traveled to the nation’s capital in support of a new bill that could nullify the CFPB’s guidance on auto lending. 
Mass. High Court Rules in Favor of Tesla  Sep 16th, 2014 
This week, the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts upheld a lower court’s ruling that dealers did not have grounds to challenge Tesla Motors’ ability to sell vehicles in the state. 
NHTSA Fumbled GM Recall, House Reports  Sep 16th, 2014 
A House committee released a report this week that raised questions about how the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration responded to consumer complaints regarding faulty ignition switches on GM vehicles. 
Mega Auto Supplier, ACTIVATE: ZF to Buy TRW for $13.5 Billion  Sep 16th, 2014 
It may not have the panache of a World Cup match, but when a German auto supplier takes over an American auto supplier, people—or at least our kind of people—take notice. Rumblings of a deal have been, well, rumbling since July, and now TRW Automotive Holdings has agreed to sell its entire business to ZF […] 
Noise: 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata May Get 130-hp 1.5-liter Skyactiv Four, Tip the Scales at 2250 Pounds  Sep 16th, 2014 
Ready for another fix of 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata details? Reports are trickling out that Mazda will launch the ND car with the maker’s 130-hp 1.5-liter four-cylinder as the base engine. The news began overseas this morning, but since then our crosstown compadres at Motor Trend busted in with some reasonably credible info. Citing an […] 
2015 Chrysler 200S AWD Road Test  Sep 15th, 2014 
The Chrysler brand is back. 
Ferrari to Celebrate 60 Years in U.S. with $3.2-Million Limited-Edition Model  Sep 15th, 2014 
You know how Lamborghini has mastered turning existing cars into super-limited, super-expensive special editions—think the Murcielago-based Reventón and the Aventador-based Veneno? Now it’s Ferrari’s turn do dip its paw in the honey pot. In his last official act as CEO, Luca Di Montezemolo will unveil a U.S.-only special-edition Ferrari built to celebrate the automaker’s 60 […] 
Stand—and Ride—in The Man in Black’s Shadow: Johnny Cash’s 1970 Rolls-Royce Headed to Auction  Sep 15th, 2014 
You’d be hard-pressed to find an American icon more intrinsically linked to the dark side of the American dream than Johnny Cash. Equal parts rebel, musician, addict, and God-fearing gospel singer, The Man in Black drawled lyrics that unapologetically dripped with Southern-fried Americana, the majority of his vast catalog revolving around romance, steam trains, automobiles, […] 
Carbon is the New Black: GMC Adds Carbon Editions to Sierra Lineup  Sep 15th, 2014 
A few weeks ago, Chevy showed us a stripier side of the Silverado with its new 2015 Silverado Rally Edition models. This month, it’s the GMC Sierra’s turn to play dress-up in the form of three new Carbon Edition models, all of which are based on the Sierra 1500. The standard Carbon Edition starts at […] 
Sexytimes: Get All Up In the Hot New MX-5 Miata’s Business [Video]  Sep 15th, 2014 
Mazda continues to play coy with key technical details of the all-new 2016 MX-5 Miata, but we still couldn’t be more excited for the fourth-gen model if the company promised a trunkful of Powerball tickets with every car. We’ve already told you everything we know at this point, including digging up seven cool facts about the […] 
Name That Shifter, No. 196  Sep 15th, 2014 
It’s Monday, and that means it’s time to present this week’s shifter. You’ll have until midday Wednesday to identify the make and model of the vehicle whence this shifter came. The first person to respond correctly in the Backfires section below will win a Save the Manuals button, magnet and sticker.* Good luck!   (* […] 
2015 Mercedes-Benz S550 Plug-In First Drive: Sumptuously Suckling the Grid  Sep 15th, 2014 
Just 22 years ago, the Mercedes-Benz S-class exceeded 400 horses for the first time, with the 402-hp 6.0-liter V-12 in the 1992 600SEL besting the BMW 750i by more than 100 horsepower. The car was a gauntlet fired into the turf, and it instantly became one of the most prestigious, high-performance sedans in the world. […] 
Honda and Takata Allegedly Knew About Deaths, Injuries from Exploding Airbags for Years Before Recall Expansion  Sep 15th, 2014 
A New York Times report says that the faulty airbags that can cause metal fragments to be expelled in a crash and which led to simultaneous recalls from several automakers earlier this summer weren’t taken seriously for years despite horrifying injuries. And while Honda was one of 11 automakers sharing the same airbag supplier, that company in […] 
2015 Mini Cooper S Hardtop 4-Door Driven: A Regular Mini WITH FIVE DOORS  Sep 14th, 2014 
Although most Mini models to date have had rear accommodations, those seats suggested more practicality than they actually delivered. The latest Mini Cooper hardtop, for example, is about as well-suited to carrying adult passengers in the back as a Little Tikes Cozy Coupe—and that thing doesn’t even have back seats. For 2015, however, Mini is […] 
LeMons Northern California Day One: 222 Cars Start, 200 Blow Up, Billy Beer Fairmont Leading Class C  Sep 14th, 2014 
After we inspected the biggest group of teams in 24 Hours of LeMons history on Friday, we knew that this swarm of wild-eyed racers would be very eager to try out the new, improved five-mile course at Thunderhill Raceway Park. So eager, in fact, that many could be counted upon to spin their long-suffering engines […] 
LeMons Northern California Inspections: Peugeot 404 vs Renault 10 vs Corvair, 239 Other Teams.  Sep 13th, 2014 
We’re back at Northern California’s Thunderhill Raceway, where the temperatures hit the three-digit mark, the penalty laps were handed out in generous quantities to many a BMW and Honda, and the largest number of teams to be accepted into a LeMons race (thanks to the recent expansion of the Thunderhill course and resulting room for […] 
Chasing Anti-Sales: Tesla Steering Potential 2015 Model X Customers Toward Current Model S  Sep 13th, 2014 
“So we won’t have any apples for a while, but how would you like one of these lovely oranges?” That seems to be the line of questioning Tesla is running on customers marching into its stores ready to drop a $5000 deposit on the upcoming (and much delayed) Model X electric crossover. With the order cue […] 
Little Recalled Corvette: GM Stops Sale, Prepares Recall for 2015 Chevrolet Corvettes  Sep 13th, 2014 
The bad news? GM is about to issue two more recalls. The worse news? Both actions cover one of our favorite cars, the C7 Chevrolet Corvette. According to GM, a stop-sale notice has been sent to Chevrolet dealers who may have in stock some of the 2800 Corvettes potentially affected by two problems. The first problem […] 
2014 Jaguar F-Type S Convertible Quick Drive  Sep 12th, 2014 
Go ahead, twist my arm. 
2015 Subaru WRX vs. 2015 Volkswagen GTI: Two Affordable Performance Icons Compared  Sep 12th, 2014 
You have heard plenty over the years about Subaru’s rally-inspired WRX. And, owing to its longer life span, you have probably heard even more about Volkswagen’s genre-defining hot hatch, the GTI. It’s now in its seventh generation. READ MORE ›› 
2015 Subaru WRX Long-Term Intro: Packing the Turbo the BRZ Wishes It Had  Sep 12th, 2014 
Like any new family addition, Subaru’s rear-drive bundle of joy, the BRZ, began hogging attention before it even arrived. As a concept in 2011, the idea of a lightweight, naturally aspirated, rear-wheel-drive coupe from a company built on wagons, all-wheel drive, and turbochargers caused a stir. Then the BRZ arrived in production form with a […] 
Soul Glow: Kia Soul EV Priced, Sits Mid-Pack Among Current Crop of Small Electrics  Sep 11th, 2014 
Kia has just announced that its first-ever electric car, the 2015 Soul EV, will join the electron-powered vehicle fray in California by the end of October at pre-federal-rebate starting prices of $34,500 for the base model and $36,500 for the Plus. (The rebate will slash $7500 from the sticker.) Standard goodies include a rear camera, […] 
Michael Schumacher Heads Home to Continue Rehabilitation; Prognosis Remains Hazy  Sep 11th, 2014 
Michael Schumacher has finally gone home, 254 days after a tragic ski accident left him in a medically induced coma for nearly six months, according to a report in The New York Times. In June, he transferred to a rehabilitation facility in Lausanne, Switzerland, and now the Formula 1 champion has returned to his mansion at Gland […] 
Premier Warranty Hosts AFIP Certification Boot Camp  Sep 11th, 2014 
Representatives from 10 dealerships attended an AFIP certification boot camp hosted by Premier Warranty Inc. in Texas this June. 
Cox Automotive Launches Purchase Guarantee Program  Sep 11th, 2014 
Dealers who purchase vehicles at Manheim auctions now have the option to buy a purchase guarantee that allows them to return a vehicle for any reason for up to 21 days and receive a 100% refund of the purchase price and buyer’s fees. 
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